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WSOP Brazil: Oderlandio Moura plays heads-up with younger brother

WSOP Brazil: Oderlândio Moura wins second ring hea...

The WSOP Brazil Circuit is approaching. The 2024 event, which will be held from March 13 to 20 at Windsor Malapendi in Barra da Tijuca, will be one of the most important tournaments on Brazilian soil and has been established over the previous five editions of the Tour Got some cool stories.

One of them involves two rings that Oderlândio Moura took home in 2016 and 2017, each with a unique flavor: even as a casual player, Oderlândio was the first WSOP circuit Champion of the Brazilian Main Event. In 2016, R$750,000 was brought home. The tournament has 1,002 entries so far and the buy-in is R$ 3,950.

But Oderlândio at the WSOP Brazil’s story got even cooler the following year, when he took home a championship ring again, this time in Deepstack Hero. Although the match was not as prestigious as the main event, it was a one-on-one match against the brother of one of his biggest rivals, Odemílson Moura. Oderlândio won R$65,000 for being eliminated in the R$2,500 buy-in tournament.

Oderlândio entered the 2022 event and finished twice in the prize pool, as well as making a few final tables at other WSOP Circuit stops. Can the Brazilian win his third title in Rio de Janeiro? It’s a good bet.

WSOP Brazil: Oderlândio Moura wins second ring hea...

Monday’s HighRoller competition at Winamax is a great deal for DomSpiritEst

Monday's HighRoller competition at Winamax is a gr...

Yesterday, the regular match was the focus of Winamax .fres. Throughout Monday the French team followed the impressive pace organized by the Sunday Room with a total of 31 tournaments with a 5-figure jackpot and distributed €744,000prizes.

DomSpiritEst takes home the biggest prize of the day

The winners of six races received more than €5,000, with three of them exceeding €8,000.

  • DomSpiritEst” won €250 HighRoller and the biggest prize of the day: €11,359,37 .
  • Hello worId” won €200 big Battle Royale, worth €10,626.83.
  • DEVINE 2.0” won €50 Prime Time , and received a bonus of 8,167 euros. 09.

Monday's HighRoller competition at Winamax is a gr...

Players accuse opponents of cheating in live cash games

Players accuse rivals of cheating on Hustler Casin...

Live broadcasts of poker games can produce strange moments, especially when a crushing loss strikes and one of the players can’t escape. However, a player on a recent Hustler Casino live broadcast was very unhappy after losing a huge pot and accused the other player of cheating.

The story begins when a player nicknamed “GT” goes on a date with him. With a hand full of limps, the player decided to call the big bet and received a 3-bet from player “Luda ​​Chris” with . “GT” 4-bet, gets paid, and the flop comes. To take the story a step further, “Luda ​​Chris” called an all-in bet on the river, received a call and took home the entire pot of $135,375.

The interesting thing is what happened after the game. “GT” showed great frustration over the pot he lost and looked very unkind while saying the obviously sarcastic “Brilliant, brilliant”. When the next hand began to unfold, he was visibly upset and accused himself of cheating at the table. “When the cards are your way, you can do anything. Search now. Seriously. See what’s in his body.” “Ludacris,” on the other hand, is still laughing.

“He paid $19,000 at 86 and lost? Tell me that’s not cheating,” argued another player at the table, Ludacris’ “Defender” , “If you play here every Tuesday, you know he likes this kind of hand.”

But “GT” remains unconvinced. “This is not a normal game. I’m telling you. This is not a normal move and this is not a normal flop. Everybody warned me not to play here and we have proof.” An eruption broke out at the poker table. New argument, which reads: “As far as I agree with you, how lucky he is…”, but “GTs” interrupted him immediately. “No, I don’t think it was luck.”

“Luda ​​Chris” then decided to join the discussion. “Well, you can come to me if you want. Sorry, man. We just had a bet.” But “GT” didn’t want to stop there. “This is too much of a coincidence to be just a coincidence. Seriously. It’s not natural. It doesn’t happen anywhere.”

Players accuse rivals of cheating on Hustler Casin...

Rob Yong: Predicting Online Poker and Cryptocurrency Markets

Rob Yong on Jeff Gross’s Podcast: Cryptocurrency a...

Long-lost Englishman Rob Young makes a public appearance. This time he’s a guest on the Jeff Gross Podcast, where he talks about online poker, cryptocurrency development, and his global plans. In this article, we’ve compiled Rob’s key thoughts.

About Bitcoin.

Dusk Kill Dawn Casino only accepts legal tender. Offline cryptocurrencies are still widely used, especially among high rollers. But no matter where you play, whether in a live casino or online, it gives you more opportunities due to its globalization and speed.

The direction of the national authorities is now crucial – legalize the cryptocurrency market and transform it into a civilized form or ban it entirely.

My Bitcoin price prediction: $61,422 on January 1, 2023 (Jeff Gross is hosting a prediction contest as a guest on his podcast). There is a good chance that it will fall again by then, but at the turn of 2023/2024 it is likely that there will be a new increase and that interest rates will reach new levels. BTC’s deficit and appeal are growing.

Larger fluctuations are largely caused by human factors: people buying and selling cryptocurrencies based on some promotional news. Conversely, those who believe in the future of blockchain will buy more when the value of the currency falls.

Competition among Poker Rooms

Modern online poker is going through interesting times. In my opinion, GGNetwork shows that their current results are largely due to a policy of being more loyal to unregulated markets. PokerStars and Party Poker are part of a publicly traded company and therefore cannot compete on equal terms with the network. Especially during the epidemic, many players are forced to play online.

A lot depends on the prospect of poker being legalized in the United States, and I think Stars and other GGPoker competitors are more likely to focus on the U.S. market will return.

In my opinion, one of the crypto rums backed by Stabelcoins that won’t scare away poker fans with its volatility should continue to “shine” in the coming years.

(Rob is probably referring to Coin Poker, which is currently getting a lot of hype due to the very expensive game Tony G and his friends play).

The Special Role of Social Poker

As the pandemic ends, I think we will see a new boom in live poker, including in new countries like Japan.

Online poker and social media poker will also undergo huge changes, and WPT, for example, will play an important role in this.

The huge gap between amateurs and professionals has become evident in today’s poker rooms (especially due to software), making such sites unnecessarily detrimental to amateurs.

Speaking of subscriptions, casual poker players like him will get into it, and there’s a chance to win a variety of prizes, including tickets to live tournaments. It makes me wonder why Zynga Poker still hasn’t taken advantage of this opportunity and partnered with offline brands.

United World Series of Poker.

I have always been fascinated by ideas that unite the poker community. One variation could be a biennial global mixed championship.

The first day will be played in as many online and offline venues as possible, and at the end of the day, all players except for chips will receive a package for accommodation and transportation costs for the next stage. The second day has turned into a huge gathering of players from all over the world at major venues and I think even a few selected stadiums.

I hope to promote this project around the world in some way. Unfortunately, all of today’s poker brands are primarily corporate organizations, accustomed to competing against each other and paying little attention to the state of the industry as a whole.

Rob Yong on Jeff Gross’s Podcast: Cryptocurrency a...

CCP PixPoker: Tales Gomes advances to CL to enter ME Day 1A

CCP PixPoker: Tales Gomes wins chip contest and ad...

Another CCP PixPoker Main Event kicked off on Thursday (18th) with several players showing up at Natal-RN’s Clube do Poker in an attempt to qualify for Day 1A of Potiguar Tour 2024 Stage 1.

The R$400 buy-in tournament started with 87 participants, including several big names. Of those, seven players made it to the final day, which took place on Sunday. Special mention goes to chemist and recreational athlete Tales Gomes.

In the final chip battle, Tales successfully advanced with 383,000 chips. Two-time champion Pablo de Sá, one of the tournament organizers from Rio Grande do Sul, won the Prog KO earlier in the series and finished second with 382,000 chips. Victor Oliveira rounds out the top three with 381,000 chips.

The gap between the three is very small. Another highlight was the participation of one of PixPoker’s brand ambassadors, Elvis Catholão, in the launch phase of the partnership between the platform and the tour. The man from Pará won a further 371,000. PhD. Edu (295,000), Gustavo Negócio (231,000) and Harry (133,000) complete the qualifying list.

The final day of the CCP PixPoker Main Event will take place on Sunday (21st) at 4pm. With blinds at 3,000/6,000, the stakes are high. There are four qualifiers left before the final event concludes, which is expected to easily beat the guaranteed R$50,000.

View the full stack below:

Tales Gomez – City: Natal/RNStack: 383,000

Pablo de Sá – City: Natal – RNStack: 382,000

Victor Oliveira – City: Natal – RNStack: 381,000

Elvis Renan “Catholão” – City: Santa Isabel – PennsylvaniaStack: 371,000

Dr. Education – City: Natal – RNChips: 295,000

Gustavo Negócio – City: Panamirim – RNStack: 231,000

Harry – City: Natal – RNChips: 133,000

CCP PixPoker: Tales Gomes wins chip contest and ad...

Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim to leave Spanish brand at PokerStars Winter Series

Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim to leave Spanish brand at...

The Winter Series was the focus of PokerStars yesterday. 9 events took place throughout the day, with prizes worth €366,000 awarded. 2 out of 9 matches winned by Spain End, thanks to Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim. Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim win in Spain at Winter Series Spanish Winter Series overall ranking lead

After 101 games, SpainAuthority leads the National Ranking:

  • 1. Spain: 29 wins.
  • 2. France: 19.
  • 3. Brazil and Portugal: 14.
  • 5. Ukraine: 9.
  • 6. Belarus: 8.
  • 7. Argentina, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam: 1.

Spanish daily winners in multi-table tournaments

La Roja has a total of 17 wins in MTTs. These are the Spanish winners:

Spaniards win 6 double, Balance Sheet in HU It is a negative number for our team: 11 First place vs 15Second place.Results of the Winter Series

  1. Luks4thewin (WS-93: 20€ Mini Avalanche PKO 6-a-side. Prize money: 7,237.60€. Number of participants: 3,843. Prize pool: 69,174€. Country: Spain).
  2. bloDRUgs (WS-94. Price: $9,694.75. Entry: 650. Prize Pool: €58,500. Country: Brazil).
  3. Gyokeres9 (WS-95. Price: 4,991, $73. Entry: 676. Prize Pool: $30,420. Country: Brazil).
  4. ColonelCat (WS-96. Prize money: £10,535.74. Number of entries: 236. Number of entries: 236. Prize pool: €54,870. Country: Belarus).
  5. Ne_Mens_Pas (WS-97. Price: £3,775.32. Number of entries: 1,438. Prize pool: £25,884. Country: France).
  6. Rapaz Bonito 85 (WS-98. Price: $7,595.40. Number of Entries: 587. Prize Pool: $52,830. Country: Mexico).
  7. ZalaKaim (WS-99: £10 Royal Rumble PKO 7-Max Turbo. Prize pool: €2,653.96. Entries: 3,233. Prize money: €29,097. Country: Spain).
  8. hitekisback (WS-100. Prize: $3,472.21. Prize: £3,472. Number of Entrants: 757. Prize: £20,439. Country: Belarus).
  9. Venum2017 (WS-101. Prize money: €2,981.26. Number of participants: 1,384. Prize pool: €24,912. Country: France).

Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim to leave Spanish brand at...

Felipe Theodoro is the $109 winner of Sunday’s PKO Millions

Felipe Theodoro is the $109 winner of Sunday’s PKO...

Three-time SCOOP champion and grinder Felipe Theodoro is now one of the Brazilians to break into the Sunday Million. Tonight, the account pilot “felipe52” overcame a big deficit in the finals and won the championship. The man from Santa Catarina won a total of $80,810.

The Financial Times got off to a rocky start for the country. In the first hand, Alisson Piekazewicz went all-in for 17,865,498, leaving just 2,500,000 in chips. After the button folded, little “SPEWTARD” pushed his stack of 79,310,324 to the middle of the table. Big name “Chhawes” then called with 49,976,952. Alisson thought for a moment before calling with A♣7. While “SPEWTARD” has A♠K♥, “chhawes” has A♦A♥. A lead of 9♣7♥10♣5♥3♥ confirmed the victory for “chhawes” who took the lead. Alisson, meanwhile, stayed put and won $5,922.

After a few moves, Felipe won the first prize of the tournament with the help of the deck. He called “ego333” for the open shot with A♣2♠. With A♠Q♠, the Lithuanian was eliminated from the championship match after a miserable defeat on a 10♣2Check7♠2♥10Check board.

The next player to be eliminated is “SPEWTARD”. With the goal of winning a second championship, the Peruvians once again met the “Chavez” team A-A. Dominated by K♣5♣, he got more outs on the flop of 8♣7♣4 and the turn of 5, but the J♥ river put him in trouble.

Walther099 had no luck in A-A. his hand. In the five-handed game, he had to avoid two outs to take the lead, but Kazakh “WLADiator10” holding J♠J♥ immediately hit the river J♣ to send his opponent home.

Felipe slipped to the bottom of the 4-hand draw, needing to win the flip to advance to the Sunday Million. With 5 5 ♠ against “TopD0gas”‘s A ♦K ♣, he failed to let the 10 ♠ 8 ♠ 6 ♠ 6 ♥ 5 ♥ board surprise him and double his stack.

Felipe was so excited that he took the lead after announcing the heads-up. In a blind war, he went public and became known as “WLADiator10”. J♥J♦ versus Q♣J♣, the Brazilian survived on a 10♥9♠3♥7♥2♠ board.

Felipe, who led the entire HU, ended the debate in this way:

The blinds were 3,000,000/6,000,000, the ante was 750,000, and “chhawes” raised to 12,000,000 and connected. to call. When the flop came 3♥3♠6♣, “chhawes” bet 8,400,000 and then called Felipe’s check-raise to 24,720,000. On the K♣ turn, Felipe bet 24,730,200 and “chhawes” called. Finally, on the river 9, Felipe pushed his stack of 345,212,746 to the middle of the table. “chhawes” thought for a moment until he called with A♠K♦. Felipe won with 10♣3♣.

PokerStars exceeded the $1,000,000 guarantee for the Sunday Million with 10,749 entries, and awarded $1,074,900 in prize money.

Felipe Theodoro is the $109 winner of Sunday’s PKO...

David Santos won the CNP888 ME finals championship

David Santos won the CNP888 ME finals championship

CNP888 The Grand Final, won by David Santos, concluded Season 11 of the Spanish Poker Championship.

Contest begins on Wednesday 22nd. There were 136 people signed up on Day 1A, 311 people on Day 1B, 348 people on Day 1C, plus 121 people on Day 1D, and even 285 people on Day 1E Non Stop. This means that the main event once again exceeded 1,296 registrations with 1,296 registrations. . This number is critical in determining the number of awards received by the top 135 recipients. It is worth noting that for the first time, two tables with prize distribution have been announced, leaving it to the players themselves to decide which of the two is more convenient for them. They chose a variant with a more equitable distribution of first place and settled on a small cash or bonus of €1,650 for last place.

After an exciting second day, Day 3 saw 117 players who had a great time. Lots of evenly matched stacks. The day ends when the eight finalists are confirmed, who will compete against each other on Monday the 27th. The final table was an exciting one, culminating in a heads-up match between Portugal’s David Santos and Spain’s Javier Garcia. The final victory went to the Portuguese player, who walked away with €77,000 and the 888poker Live Pack. The runner-up received €63,000.

888poker has contributed to the success of this initiative through its daily satellites and qualifying tournaments held before the Grand Finals. The High Roller results from 189 participants proved this. Its winner qualified online via 888poker and walked away with €37,000 after going heads-up with the runner-up.

For next season, CNP888 hopes that its high-quality gaming services will soon provide continued improvement in a legal, safe, and responsible environment.

David Santos won the CNP888 ME finals championship

When the blinds are low, you can go all-in or fold.

When the blinds are low, you can go all-in or fold...

When the blinds are low, you can go all-in or fold.

While you do need to play more conservatively with smaller stacks, there are now more options in poker than ever before.

The tendency to think things through is a clear sign that a player is not one of the greats. If you want to be successful in life, you must learn to let go of limiting beliefs, such as the idea that a hand can only be played a certain way. Blinds

While poker makes certain concessions to avoid wasting too much time on basic decisions, they One should generally rely on avoiding storylines we already know are flawed in order to pick the right storyline over the right one. As the rules of the game continue to change, it’s interesting to think about strategies that were once destined to fail but are now a path to success.

Knowledge contained in publications published more than 15 years ago may contain errors by the time it enters the hands of the average outfielder. Start with the basics, like never folding, to raising 3 blinds or more preflop throughout the tournament, to the most subtle, like defending the big blind. It’s unusual for players to fold to the final table with only a few blinds left in the tournament, and it’s not uncommon for players to completely ignore the subtle differences between going all-in and folding. It is important to regularly evaluate our actions and consider why we are taking a particular course of action and whether it makes sense.

Blind injection

When we are low on funds, we have no choice but to go all-in or fold.

While it is important to be wary of exploitative games, many people are quick to exploit the potential for their own By rationalizing errors, we also avoid using a technique that can easily be used against us. In order not to get stuck in a predictable game, it is important to break self-imposed rules such as “You can only go all-in or fold if the blinds are less than 12” and replace them with a rational thought process. The problem arises when our opponents think ahead about our strategy and learn that, for example, at some point in the tournament, we will stop defending the big blind unless we have a really strong hand.

The belief that you cannot defend the big blind with less than 15 blinds is a legacy of outdated strategy. Colleagues have complained many times about someone defending an open raise with a hand like J9 and then losing to a combination, and it’s hard to convince them that this wasn’t a mistake. In fact, they should add this tactic to their strategy. It’s easy to see why a cash game player would make such a comment; in this case, it might make sense to take a more defensive stance. However, to find the best solution, we must first identify the cause of the problem.

Unlike most types of cash games at the poker table, tournaments involve every player at the table except the small An ante bet that must be placed in addition to the blind and big blind. In a tournament, when betting begins, there is a lot of dead money in each pot before the game starts. This makes raising preflop with 2-2.5 big blinds very attractive because we will have approximately this amount of chips after everyone folds. Likewise, mandatory shareholding affects our dilemma, as small financing requires nearly 20% equity to make profitable long-term decisions. Do you know what hands you have against most open raise blind levels? Almost anything, even 72 degrees, can be closer to 30%. That said, it is mathematically correct to say that almost every hand can be defended against a small raise (with an ante).

This account is useful when we have a large number of cards and have multiple ways to realize our equity, but It’s also important when our deck is small. The dynamics of the game change significantly depending on the size of the blinds, but as the blinds get smaller, post-flop decision-making becomes less stressful and the game becomes easier. There aren’t many situations where you can afford to make a big mistake in a post-flop situation. So if you make a mistake, you should double your all-in. Sometimes going all-in is the right choice depending on the strength of our hand, and sometimes we should fold, but it is important to realize that there is a gray area where we can call speculatively to increase our chances

This does not mean that it is important to give a lot of people the right strategy when competing for the championship. Play from a deep position with short stacks. In fact, my advice is to play aggressively and take advantage of opportunities with a variety of hands, such as 3-bet all-in. However, it’s important to realize that almost nothing in poker is black and white, and in some situations, conventional wisdom may not be the best course of action. As I have said many times, our job is to gather the information and resources needed to balance the situation so that fewer and fewer unknowns remain.

When the blinds are low, you can go all-in or fold...

Freebies and opportunities to bank for free

Freebies and opportunities to bank for free

In addition to an exciting series of promotions and tournaments, GGPoker also offers free gifts to all users. The way you read it. Every time they log in for the first time throughout the day, the room rewards them with a “daily freebie.”

To receive these prizes, you must log in to your account and find the “My Promotions” option, which can be found by clicking on your avatar or in the lower right corner, as shown below:

After entering the arrow mark , the client will direct you to options where you would like to place additional ads. However, you must click on the “Daily Freebies” box.

Another window will then appear and you will be tagged for the GGPoker freebie. There are new games every day, so you’ll need to log into the site every day if you want to get a copy and start playing games to turn them into a ton of money.

Freebies and opportunities to bank for free

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