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KSOP: Caiaffa keeps ITM warm during HR PLO5 FT

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Rafael Caiaffa Secures ITM i...

It is well known that every poker player likes to take advantage of almost every tournament opportunity available. But sometimes, the decision to play everything available on the grid creates scheduling conflicts. Such a thing happened today at KSOP GGPoker Premium, but it also created a strange and lucky situation for the characters involved.

Gabriel O Pensador and Markitos Grassi fell victim to vacancies after the warm-up ITM bubble burst. But there are enough chips to warrant ITM getting my attention in a tournament. The absent player was one of the winners, even though he barely played and many didn’t know who he was.

A plot twist? At the TV tables in the main event hall, the HR PLO5 final table was also held by star player Rafael Caiaffa. Caiaffa managed to hold onto his chips in the multi-table event and secured another cash in his bankroll between events.

Even though he had to focus on beating some big names, vying for a name in the prized five-card decider, who paid R$110,000 for the champion, Caiaffa found room and time to survive during the warm-up period when Upon discovering his absence, many joked about the strength of his account and how much fun he was having in the game.

This warm-up story is still better than Caiaffa’s first entry. When his entry ended, he was still ranked 104th. He earned R$1,700 in warm-up matches but is still chasing the HR PLO5 title.

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Rafael Caiaffa Secures ITM i...

‘PartOfTheGame’ Joins Bounty Hunters Summer HR for WSOP Circuit

'PartOfTheGame' Joins Bounty Hunters Summer HR for...

As of Tuesday the 18th, the country’s grinders are hard at work with an online MTT. “PartOfTheGame” took home the $525 Bounty Hunter Summer HR event at the WSOP Summer Circuit. He earned $38,203 by beating 475 opponents.

Daniel “croce 61” Croce took the podium in the $1,050 PLO Bounty Main Event HR for $17,532. The tournament had 47 participants.

Daniel “runador888” Aziz added $10,261 to his bankroll by finishing third out of 940 entrants in the $150 Tuesday Classic.

There are also recommendations on the Sander Totuli website. He won the gold medal and $8,543 in prize money in the $55 fifty-stack event.

Gabriel “babybabybaby” Constantino beat 698 opponents in the $88 Wild Eight for $8,331. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeWSOPC High Roller: $1,500 Midnight Madness HR [Hyper] “Dihh21″ 3rd $7,344 WSOPC Series: $32.10 Bounty King Summer Jr”shaarkkiraa” 1st $6,442 WSOPC Series: $250 Summer Classic Emmanuel Maloof 4. $5,941 WSOPC Series: $215 Bounty Hunter Block Party” 12345123456 “3 Heater Bounty Turbo “Akariee” 3rd$5,388

'PartOfTheGame' Joins Bounty Hunters Summer HR for...

Bin Weng Wins First WPT® EveryOne One Drop Award

Bin Weng Hopes to Win $2,227,054 in WPT® EveryOne...

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (July 14, 2023) – Bin Weng has won the inaugural World Poker Tour® tournament at the Wynn in Las Vegas in association with the One Drop Foundation. Weng defeated WPT DeepStacks champion Scott Baumstein on Friday night for the top prize of $2,227,054.

“At the end of Day 3 yesterday, I was the other chip leader with 6 chips left at the final table. To be honest, I didn’t sleep well last night because I was so excited ” Weng said when presenting the awards to the winners. “I don’t know what to say right now. I mean I’m very, very happy and right now I’m very grateful to have achieved so much in such a short period of time.”

The $10,500 buy-in attracted a total of 1,676 participants across three departure flights. Generated a total of $16,257,200 in prize pools, with cash distributed to the top 210 winners and raised $335,200 for the One Drop Foundation to support their cause of sustainable access to clean water and sanitation to ensure Facilities and Sanitation in a Community Facing Extreme Weather

When the field was reduced to three, the players negotiated an ICM agreement to double the remaining prize money while continuing to compete Titles, trophies and nearly $400,000 in prize money. The ultimate champion. Baumstein was second for $1,503,988 and Niko Koop was third for $1,872,438. Ahead of them are Freddy Heller (4th – $956,000), WPT Champion Dominik Nitsche 🇩🇪 (5th – $700,100) and Tom Cannuli (6th – $524,500).

Bin Weng Hopes to Win $2,227,054 in WPT® EveryOne...

Ricardo Sehnem

Ricardo Sehnem Helps Set Up Brazil's 1 Million BRL...

Multi TV Cast #38 is another version of MundoTV Trash, essentially a lighter recap of some related topics in the community. Ricardo Sehnem is the perfect name in the admissions round of the KSOP GGPoker Special and has proven in practice that he is very good at reviewing.

The nearly hour-long chat was very engaging, where questions naturally arose. With the Hustler Casino in the US already having a successful $1M cash game, we are proposing to host such a table with our Brazilian guests and offer a $1M buy-in lineup for everyone.

Me, Sehnem and Diego Costa, Voice of Conscience, has selected nine players for this millionaires and media table. The end result was full of laughter and good stories, with each name chosen: Léo Rizzo, Léo Bello, Gabriel Goffi, Elvis Renan “Catholao”, Neymar, Gustavo Kuerten, Igor Marani, Laura Cintra and Rebecca Rebuitti. The dealer is Mano Brown (not the rapper, the dealer). How can I write a more random form?

Ricardo Sehnem’s experiences in the CS:GO Major and Casa Furia, his childhood friendship with the legendary Zilkar van Baranow and many other interesting topics are discussed in this interesting chapter.

Ricardo Sehnem Helps Set Up Brazil's 1 Million BRL...

Hellmuth tames the People of the Jungle en route to the main event

Hellmuth tames the People of the Jungle en route t...

Phil Hellmuth, the famous poker kid, has done it again. He enters the World Series of Poker Main Event the way he likes best: attracting attention. This time he appeared on the first day as P. T. Barnum, the iconic character from The Greatest Showman, is joined by none other than his favorite lion, played by Grinder Dan Jungleman Cates .

Last year, Darth “Hellmuth” Vader received boos that could be heard in the farthest galaxies.

Most surprising of all is the warm reception Helmus received this year, as opposed to the boos he received last year when he arrived in a Darth Vader costume of dubious quality and rather impromptu. … .

The moment of fame is not over yet. The pair entered the Horseshoe Events Center accompanied by 17 stunning models, each holding a number from 1 to 17, representing the bracelet Hellmuth had won. Katy Perry‘s anthem “Roar” blared from the speakers as WSOP Vice President Jack Effel introduced the two poker icons.

The, the Not to forget, Hellmuth’s incredible performances as Gandalf and Julius Caesar in other editions of the WSOP are etched in the memories of all poker lovers. Perhaps strangest of all was his arrival in Rio as a true NASCAR driver. While the original plan was to arrive in a racing car, Helmus was involved in an accident, crashing into a pillar in front of the casino, rendering the vehicle unusable.

Although it’s great to seeMacho Man “Dan” competing with Phil “Hulk Hogan” Hellmuth to continue his WSOP story. This newcomer left everyone indifferent and here you can see it….

🎪 Circus 🎪 has arrived! Introducing @phil_hellmuth and @junglemandan 🦁! , followed by 17 models – one for each of his bracelets!

Welcome to the World Series of Poker!

— PokerNews (@PokerNews) July 6, 2023

Hellmuth tames the People of the Jungle en route t...

Bruno Volkmann Parks at GGMillion$ HU and Wins Over $182,000

Bruno Volkmann Parks at GGMillion$ HU and Wins Ove...

The leading online high roller has reached GGMillion$. The name and visual identity have changed, but the 9tales star’s enviable track record remains. In the race for his third title, Bruno Volkmann took the lead in a heads-up match with Danilo Velasevic. The Santa Catarina native’s bravado eventually cost him as he took home the silver medal. The Serb won $235,088, while Volkmann won $182,633.

Volkmann advances to the FT with the biggest stack, but Velasevic is close behind with almost the same stack. Pablo Brito is last with 7 BBS. On hand six, Sebastian Gaehl made an open all-in with 14 BBS and was followed up with K ♦K♠ for a massive “spaise411” payout. The Austrian dominated with Q♥J♣ and could not be saved by a marginal 3♠Q♠9♥9♦10.

“spaise411” also sent Pablo home. On a 4♥9♠10♣ flop, he shoved Bahian all-in and got called. With A♥J♣ against J♥5♦, the Russian took the lead on Turn 3 and River 2♣.

Velasevic was already in the lead and took all the chips away from Joakim Andersson. In another all-in preflop, he AChecked against the Swede’s A♠J♦. 8♠3Check6♠9CheckK♠ hit no one and Velasevic stole the pot.

Shortly thereafter, “spaise411” was also eliminated from the title fight. As a farewell, he made an open all-in with 9 BBS and had Volkmann call with K♠K♣. The Russian dominated with 10♥10♣ and had no chance on the 9♥5♣K♥5♦4♣ board.

GGMillion$ champion Pieter Aertst got A♠A♣ two weeks ago when he bet from Selouan on board 7♣K♥8◆2♣3♣. Paranaense then went two pair with 7♠2♥ to end the Belgian’s entry.

Selouan had little time to celebrate. At the same level, he played K 8 and min-raised to 80,000. To his left, Velasevic responded with a 3-bet for 240,000. Selouan pushed another 1,799,052 into the middle of the table. Velasevic didn’t think much of it and called with A♥K♠. The 5♥J♠J♣9♣10♥ board confirmed the defeat of Curitiba’s ace.

Duco Haven was far from his opponent and fought his way until losing in a three-handed match. After the opening, he tried to bluff with 9 ♦ 8 ♥ with 7♣5♥J 2 ♦4♦ and was met by Velasevic’s J♥2♣.

With 2-1 down, Volkmann managed to turn things around, but that was Velasevic’s day. Take a look at the final hand:

With the blinds at 35,000/70,000 and an 8,500 ante, Velasevic moved all-in perfectly and then called Volkmann’s raise to 315,000. The flop came 3♥5\7♥ and Volkmann bet 213,510. As soon as Velasevic called, it became 3♣ on the river. Volkman then bet 708,854. Velasevic called again to see the 9 on the river. Volkmann showed 2,447,300 and called it all-in. Velasevic thought for less than a minute before calling with 9♠7♣. Volkmann was eliminated with Q 10♥.

With 98 entrants and $10,300 in prize money, GGMillion$ fell short of its $1,000,000 guarantee. Here’s how much each finalist deposited:

1. Danilo Velasevic (Serbia) $235,088

2. Bruno Volkmann (Brazil) $182,633

3. Duco Haven (Netherlands) $141,882

4. Rodrigo Selouan (Brazil) $110,224

5. Pieter Aerts (Belgium) $85,629

6. “spaise411” (Russia) $66,523

7. Joakim Andersson (Sweden) $51,679

8. Pablo Brito (Brazil) $40,148

9. Sebastian Gaehl (Austria) $31,190

Bruno Volkmann Parks at GGMillion$ HU and Wins Ove...

The Bad Live Poker Rooms of 2023

Poker room with weak player range

Any PL player wants to be weak at the table with them. However, in the real online PL, especially from the mass restriction, there are more and more nourishers and fewer entertainment participants. In 2023, they have the highest density, and by what criteria are amateurs in the game determined? All details in the article. field


gg The web has been the biggest bias site in two years. Now, its skin, especially Asian skin, is even within reach of people who are far from prejudice. Not only do they attract a lot of offers as regulars.

Tiger Gaming

In recent years, American chain Chico has moved the entire bonus system to an amateur format (bonuses and bonus Freerolls) without a full loyalty system.

The main secret to successfully attracting amateurs is a successful and popular bookmaker in North America.


PPPOKER (and other mobile poker rooms) have grown significantly in recent years, relying on a club system more familiar to non-linear fans.

Clients originally designed for gadgets appeal to a much larger audience, many of whom rarely use desktop PCs.

888 Poker.

8 was the first Stupid Room to publicly announce its support for amateur players.

They have a unique loyalty system where players earn levels by completing quests as well as wagering in the casino. All regular promotions include quests, and the prizes are FreeRoll tickets.


This representative of the Idnpoker network is the fanciest of the rooms presented on the page. Due to the concentration in the Asian market and the use of a large number of local game sites (the number of skins in the network exceeds one hundred), the network has built the third largest platform in the world, and the configuration is very flexible.

A browser-based client that runs on virtually any internet-capable device A playable table clientNow, which rooms have the most amateurs? Mainly the following contents.

Any field of entertainment is addictive if it can provide it. Its users are diverse. Stupid rooms are mainly due to the existence of customer stupid patterns with different levels of bets.

The more options you have after the boring classic dining table, you have to wait longer in the room and take advantage of the excitement and non-opposite experience.

The second component can strongly attract entertainment players even with a collection of classic games. Bonuses are randomly awarded in an amount consistent with hours spent on the table and best suited for purchasing purposes.

These include:

Printed prizes with gravity, reels and scratch cards, rewards with multiple extra bonuses in different sized mechanisms also help.

Even a ticket to the classic promo FreeRoll.

Attractive amateurs are real customers. In addition to a clear interface that allows easy access to any game and a nifty third set meter, there is now a separate home page with colorful banners for promotions, quick access to tables, and even links to room player streams and video.

You can throw objects not only on the table, but also on the most advanced version (Pokerok)

At the same time , the best amateur environment also guarantees that most options are also available when playing games through gadgets.

Poker room with weak player range

Red Star Poker Spring Overwatch May Missions

iPoker Spring Overwatch May Missions

The iPoker Network is launching a three-week Spring Copymaster promotion on the eve of the flagship series. By completing tasks, players can earn tickets to special freerolls and tournaments with a BI of up to €150. Read our article to learn more about the promotion.

Men Spring Taskmaster on iPoker

Promotion conditions

On most iPoker routes In , players can get up to 30-35% direct rebate thanks to the loyalty system, so most of the new promotions are aimed at amateur players and usually include different types of quests.

From 4th to 24th May 2023, Red Star Poker will be hosting a Spring Imitation Masters Promotion where you can win up to €150 in tickets for completing daily Cash, MTT and Twister Spins missions.


Prizes randomly obtained from scratch cards have different drop probabilities: the smaller the prize, the more often the player will get it. Depending on the level selected, players will receive:

Easy Work


May 7th There will be a total of three weekly mission freerolls worth €1,000 starting at 21:00 MSC on the 1st, 14th, 21st and 26th.

Another Copy Master freeroll worth €3,000 will start on May 23rd at 21:30 MSC. Players who complete all four missions on the same day will receive up to three tickets.

Complete List of Spring Overseer Tasks

*Only a maximum of 6 tables out of the NL10 limit can be played in the cache.

As you can see from the list, half of the tasks are played in multi-table tournaments.

iPoker Spring Overwatch May Missions

E6 Championship: Road to IPF – €200,000 Guarantee on RedStar Poker

Series E6: The Road to IPF on iPoker

Before announcing its first flagship series of the year, the iPoker Network will present its sixth E6 “warm up” show: Road to IPF, with a total guarantee of €200,000 and a leaderboard ticket worth €2,100. You can find all the details about the event in our article.

Séria E6:Road to IPF в сети iPoker

Series Features

This year, iPoker Network organized most of its series into special mini-series. The sixth of these events is intended to be the precursor to the iPoker Festival’s inaugural flagship event in 2023.

From May 7th to May 14th, Red Star Poker will host the sixth edition of the Road to IPF Tournament, which includes a total guarantee of €200,000 and a ticket leaderboard worth €2,100.

  1. Every 24 hours a one-day MTT “Series Prep Party” with a prize money of €25 and a guarantee of €10,000 to €20,000.
  2. Schedule based on three Major multi-flight activities.
  3. Buy-in fees for satellites range from 0.25 EUR – 5 EUR.

Click here for the full Episode 6: IPF Road Timeline.

Main Event

NLHE | Flights €10,000 Midweek Chips | €10,000 GTD | €5.

63 flights are planned for May 7-10. Has the following structure:

  • Initial Chip Stack – 12,500 Chips (125BB).
  • Blind growth – every 10 minutes.
  • Late check-ins are possible with 13 levels and a maximum of 5 re-entries.
  • All stacks that survived to the end of level 17 advance to day 2.
  • The same player’s stack entry from different flights added 2 people on the day.

Finals will begin on May 10th at 10:30pm. Moscow time.

Flight KO | Super KO Saturday | 20,000 EUR GTD | Price is 10 EUR. From May 8th to 13th, 62 flights are planned (same structure as last competition). The final will start on May 13 at 23:00 Moscow time.

Flight KO | Path to IPF | €50,000 GTD | €20. From May 7th to 14th, 88 flights are planned. The only difference in structure from previous tournaments is the starting stack size of 10,000 chips (100BB). The final will begin on May 14th at 11:15pm Moscow time.

Tickets worth EUR 2,100 will be shared among the top 50 players in the Leaderboard

series. Bonus Points:

Period – from 13:00 on May 7th to 11:00 on May 15th (Moscow time).

Series E6: The Road to IPF on iPoker

What is Tigergaming’s All-in Cash Out?

What is Tigergaming's All-in Cash Out?

Now, players in Tigergaming and other Chico rooms have the opportunity to buy All In Out Insurance for the pot they are owed regardless of the outcome of the trade. You can find all the details about the all-in cash payouts of customers in these rooms in our article.

Insurance Introduction

PokerStars players first had the option to purchase insurance in mid-2019, and since then iPoker, Winning and GG Network, as well as Pokerdom have also added it to their software. Three more sites were recently added to this list.

From May 1, 2023, Tigergaming, BetOnline and Sportsbetting will be able to enable and use the All-In Cash option at their tables.

What is Tigergaming's All-in Cash Out?

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