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Juan Pardo clears the path to the SCOOP’s big day with a title

Juan Pardo clears the path to the SCOOP's big day...

Mr. Juan Pardo   

Many of our most illustrious card players’ inner clocks begin to tick in a unique manner around this time of year.

Mother nature, instinctively, beckons for a migration to the city of sin, a place of plenty for all species, from those who just play cash to those who require a daily tournament to feel like they’ve lived.

However, the route is long and the price is high, and you must make reservations at internet tables, a good layer of fat to endure the chilly ocean crossing. That is what the SCOOP and the GGPoker World Festival are all about.

Juan Pardo, who has a callus, has shown how it is done. Of course, he waited until the last possible moment. Malaka sent a message for 364 opponents in the most pocket-intensive $1,050 buy-in Sunday Cooldown level, a large number of them may meet paths with him in the aisles of the Horseshoe in the coming weeks(1st, $60,437).

Juan’s example is one that we hope will be followed to the letter by all others who have had the crucial moment of their tournaments pushed back.

Registration for the MAin Event High is still open, but there are already a few names to keep an eye on. Juan Pardo, Adrián Mateos, Elas Gutiérrez, and Sergi Reixach have done all possible not to disappoint their adoring fans, even paying up to three $10,000 entry, but they will be there, ready to compete on Day 3.

Nacho Morón has less pull but the same amount of cards as the others, while Soraya Estrada “railerita” is not happy to keep up with them, but instead leads the whole group with the 25th stack of the 170 players who have so far survived the tournament.

We’ll have to wait and see who passes the filter at the Mid and Low levels, where there are still hundreds of tables available and hours to sign up.

We must be watching the PLO Main Event, which is building a historic moment in online poker with a distinct nationalistic flavor. Lautaro Guerra and Ka Kwan Lau, who agreed on the heads-up last year, are two tables away from doing it again a year later. With these two, we’re running out of adjectives.

Juan Pardo clears the path to the SCOOP's big day...

Brambila hosts Day 1 A at opening of Platinum Vallarta Winclub

Brambila hosts Day 1 A at opening of Platinum Vall...

Operations commence at Wynn Club Platinum Vallarta under the leadership of Mario Brambilla in Mexico Yes, it’s the first day of this wonderful festival.

Opening Tournament This Saturday at Winclub Casino Day 1A66 entries There was a majority of the 200,000 Mexican pesos guaranteed deposited into the prize pool.

Only the 10 lucky people made it on the day And the chips in the bag were . Brambilla topped the leaderboard with 318,000 chips. Other names on the list are Ramon Amaral and Alejandro Reyes.

Schedule follows This Sunday to day 1B of the first tournament is done. Starts at 3:00 PM local time with a buy-in of 1,500MXN. A High Roller Satellite will also be held in Mexico City on the WPT Global Road. 20 seats are assigned to the start satellite.

Winclub Platinum Vallarta

Continues to

Focus on Main Event, Buy-in MXN6,000 and 6 Runs increase. (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F Turbo). Starting stack is 50,000 points, late registration up to level 10, 30 minutes and his 40 minute blinds. The total prize pool is 3 million Mexican pesos.

For the high rollers, there’s also the Million GTD High Roller, which costs 20,000 MXN and lasts 40 minutes. The program also includes a Second Chance and the coveted Mystery Bounty with a buy-in of 3,000 Mexican Pesos.

For those who enjoy the excitement of cash games, Winclub Platinum Vallarta will also host a Cash Festival on the same tournament dates.

You can find everything, including accommodation options and special offers, on the festival website and official Facebook page

Day 1A Open Qualifier –

Winclub Platinum Vallarta

Brambila hosts Day 1 A at opening of Platinum Vall...

Do not gamble if you have these symptoms

Do not gamble if you have these symptoms

In poker, amateurs and semi-pros have one advantage over the pros: they don’t have to play if they don’t want to. symptom.

They can selectively play only when they feel like it, instead of gambling for a living like most people do, treating mind sports as a hobby.

However, many casual players do not take advantage of this and instead play poker when they shouldn’t be.

This article is a guide to help you understand when not playing makes the most sense. Some of these tricks may seem obvious, but others are not.

  • If you are really tired

I am sure many of you have seen poker where you are visibly tired while playing Player poker is the table. Why don’t they get up?

They may be too tired to overcome the quiet inertia that keeps them sitting at a desk for long periods of time. If you get tired, leave the table and your bankroll will thank you.

  • If you lose for too long

Poker is a good game, but if you lose for a long time, stop before you lose everything. Losing for a long time will affect your image, confidence, and then your game.


Avoid playing when you are underperforming, because your performance will cause you to perform worse.

Losses themselves can also be the result of poor performance that you can’t match or win. I don’t admit it.

  • When you’re angry

An old saying goes, “Anger is great fuel for self-destructing games.”

When you’re angry Von every now and then Attacking your opponents indiscriminately, even people or things not participating in the game, can distract you. Distracting games are not optimal. Before playing the game again, it’s best to fix the things that annoy you.

  • If you’re broke

Lots of people borrow money from time to time to move in or live with them. There is nothing wrong with that as long as it can be easily paid off.

However, expanding your game when you’re already broke is another matter entirely, and puts undue pressure on you to win. Stress just ruins our A-game.

  • If you are depressed

Why gamble when you are sick, drunk or taking illicit drugs? Obviously, your game won’t be at its best.

  • If the game doesn’t make money

If the buy-in is too high, the players are too strong or you just don’t like playing with certain players, you can unsubscribe and play the next time you come back.

  • If you don’t like it

If you don’t like it, don’t force yourself to play it. Think of it as a subliminal message that you can’t do your best at the poker table. Trust your instincts and avoid the habit of hanging out, even if you don’t want to.


Do not gamble if you have these symptoms

Check out this $600,000 cooler at Hustler Casino Live!

During a recent Cash Game Hustler Casino Live broadcast, there was a cooler that no one likes unless you’re the winner.

A few days before it aired, there was an eye-catching $611,000 pot on the million buy-in history show.

The protagonist of this moment is Mariano Grandoli , a poker blogger from an Argentinian family, but naturalized in the US with Andy “Stacks“Straight Flush, a legend at the high-stakes tables in Los Angeles.

At a $100/$200 table with a $200 ante, Mariano opened under pressure to $500 with a $500 ante. K 10. Another regular, Charles, raises to 8 on the button 7. Andy in the big blind calls with A 4

Flop: 9 J Q

Must be, Mariano Start calling with some strategy in mind to extract the most money from your opponent, however, the first round of betting ends with an all-in.

In the third round, Andy checked again to set the trap, but then Mariano, who bet $8,000, killed him.

Of course, Charles took the lead with 8-over-par and then raised to $35,000 when the pre-flop attacker acted again. Mariano called with a straight flush and the river brought a fourth 6 of diamonds. Andy bet $120,000 before his opponent pushed all-in for $257,000.

With no pairs on the table, Andy was able to beat his A-Diamond opponent without folding, so he called, then got the bad news, he just lost a flush draw $611,300 pot for the hand.

This is the hand in the video so you can see the facial expressions of both players

🤯 STRAIGHT FLUSH OVER NUT FLUSH 🤯 @andystackspoker Flop A – High Flush – Mariano Flop Straight Flush 🎇 Image from @HCLPokerShow.

— PokerNews (@PokerNews) May 13, 2023

Brutal ruthlessness is only half of Andy’s bad luck in this tournament at Hustler. During the six-hour broadcast, he lost $599,700. Mariano ended the episode with a $332,900 profit.

It’s the last day of Poker Night in the US

It's the last day of Poker Night in the US

American Poker Night held its sixth edition in Las Vegas. The famous poker franchise returns with a stunning new collection: a 10,000-square-foot mansion called “Studio 52.” Fans can enjoy the best moments from the new season on Monday the 15th on PokerNight’s official YouTube and Twitch platforms.

American Poker Night

This is where the whole process happens.

This season’s hosts are Lexy Gavyn-Mather , Lon McEachern , WSOP spokesperson for 20 years, Joey Ingram , announcing the nightly event. Nikki Limo and Caitlin Comeskey will comment.

Confirmed participants include Jason Sommerville and Robbi Jade Lew and Lily Kileto and Phil Galfond will also have a special look. As the program progresses, there are more surprises waiting for you to discover.


USA Poker Night Trailer Release

As if that wasn’t enough, US Poker Night founder Todd Anderson tweeted that the party promises goodwill. In his contribution, he showcased the items he bought to greet guests of the luxury villa for the new season. Get ready for a high-end poker experience at America’s Poker Night in Las Vegas.

With reality TV-style cameras adorning the hotel, the show promises to be unlike anything you’ve seen before

“You never know who’s going to be in Studio 52, but” you Be sure to see some familiar faces with new eyes,” Anderson promises. “We’re breaking the standards of televised poker and doing things we can’t do in a casino. We roll out the red carpet for these stars at their Las Vegas mansions to make players and fans feel right at home. “We also had an exclusive event. Party.”

It's the last day of Poker Night in the US

At 100, he FTed and KO’d Chris Moneymaker

At 100, he FTed and KO'd Chris Moneymaker

Gene Calden , 100-Year-Old American Proves Age Isn’t Barrier to Poker Representing the Highest Level the match of. At the recent Moneymaker Tour event in Palm Beach, Florida Gene brought his extensive experience to our popular puzzle game at the HORSE event Finished fifth, earning $1,227.


Gene Calden proves that poker has no age limit.

But that’s not all. Gene also knocked out legendary promoter Chris Moneymaker into the top 5. We also know that Chris Moneymaker changed things when Gene was 80 years old in 2003 when he won the WSOP Main Event.

Calden wasn’t the only senior poker player to make his mark in this tournament. In 2017, at the age of 95, Antonio Zanin entered the BSOP Millions contest. These players are role models for all poker lovers, proving that the game can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, gender, race or creed.

Gene has been playing poker regularly for over 20 years, about six or seven times a week. While his official racing experience is relatively recent, his racing history dates back to his childhood. “We used to play coin poker when we were 7 or 8 years old,” he revealed in an interview with Poker.Org.

When asked his secret to longevity, Gene replied humorously, “99 out of 100 (laughs).” Keeping you young in spirit and spirit at any age.

At 100, he FTed and KO'd Chris Moneymaker

Fairches’ Party: He’s also in the main event

Fairches' Party: He's also in the main event

Cristian Vilches For the Iguazu Poker Tour in May, this was incredible. It’s incredible. one thing. It’s not because he put his poker skills in any doubt in every match he played in Argentina, but because the odds are so low. Either way, Rosario’s gorgeous player managed to win his main event after winning the High Roller event.

As he chewed the trophy, he knew it was true. Virtches also won the main event.

Vilches came here with the chip lead and held the lead early in the final table, which he eventually won. He lifted a new trophy. For this he almost had to defeat Federico Tour fighting for 6 hours. The result was $35,333 for him, a dream vacation come true.

  • Relive the IPT final table live

He took away his 4-1 heads-up lead and quickly ended the game. As a result, City Center Iguazu finished second in the regular season tournament, grossing $21,200. Tour did his best to remedy the situation, but it was clear that the series was only for his two-time champion in the end.

Lucas Cabrera Itzi he placed 3rd in this event. rice field. This player did a great job with $13,485, with fellow Argentinian Gonzalo Armada in fourth place. He won $9,422. Argentina’s dominance in fifth place was beaten by Rodrigo Pfeiffer for $7,302.

Leandro Bianchini made it to the final table (6th place, $5,594). Diego dos Santos (#7, $4,358). His first two definitions also have a dreamlike element. Patricia Drummond #8 at $3,121, Pablo Serkis He finished in ninth place for $2,356 and hopes to replicate his turbo KO success.

This main his event has his 132 participants and a total prize pool of $117,778. Here is the distribution of the top 18 players:

Positional Player National Sponsorship Award

Fairches' Party: He's also in the main event

Farewell: World poker legend Doyle Brunson dies

Farewell: World poker legend Doyle Brunson dies

Nothing will ever be the same. He has gone. one of the biggest. The man in the hat. cowboy. Authors of supersystems, they all have this book. Texas Dolly. Doyle Brunson. The world poker legend passed away on Sunday, May 14 at the age of 89.

10 World Series bracelets and two WSOP Main Event winners (1976 and 1976). 1977) Doyle Brunson marked an era. He might be the reason the great champions of today start playing. The poker god was born on August 10, 1933, and his heart was broken that Sunday. During this time, he lived a full and difficult life and achieved milestones.

News in progress…

Farewell: World poker legend Doyle Brunson dies

Triton Series: Nacho Barbero Runner-up in Mystery Bounty

Nacho Barbero is about to win his second title in the Triton Super High Roller Series, especially with $30,000 Mystery Bounty. But he was out of luck, finishing second only to China’s Biao Ding for $366,000.



Triton Series Mystery Bounty Final Table.

Veteran David Yan was knocked out by Nacho with his 4♣ 5♣ after a three-man tug of war and the Argentine was out 3-1.

But after a few rounds, Barbero found himself in an embarrassing situation where Chinese players returned. Before the decisive hand, both players push all-in with follow-up cards and community cards.

The last hand

Nacho Barbero: Q♠ 9♠

Biao things: A♠ 5♦.

Community: Q ♥ T♣ 5♥ A♣ 2♣

Final table results.

Event #3: $30,000 NLH 6-Handed Mystery Bounty Date:12. and May 13, 2023 Entrants: 155 (including 64 re-entries) Total prize pool:$2,325,000.

  1. Biao Ding, China – $540,500
  2. Nacho Barbero, Argentina – $366,200
  3. David Yan , New Zealand – $244,200
  4. Artur Martirosian, Russia – $200,000
  5. Isaac Haxton, USA – $160,500
  6. Danny Tang, Hong Kong – $124,400
  7. Henrik Hecklen, Denmark – $92,100

Note: Insurance is not included.

LeBleuduCiel is the romantic nickname of the winners of the 11th Winamax Millionaire Expressos for 2023.

LeBleuduCiel is the romantic nickname of the winne...

May found a new Expresso millionaire Winamax, has the 11th grand prize of the year.

The capricious gold mark is repeated in the classic Expresso mode, although the price of the game has been reduced, up to 10 euros. The lucky players sitting at the table were LeBleuduCiel, Paddy62580 and Calihuman.

LeBleuduCiel and Paddy62580 They came to prepare for the match, and as replays show, they turned it into a one-on-one match, ending with Paddy62580 (3rd place, €80,000) quickly quit. calishuman (No. 2, €120,000) tried to play a tighter range, and with the little bit his deck gave him, he won a few blinds to compensate for his walk KT before paying off the One Push . LeBleuduCiel (1st place, €800,000) three bets to finish with 20 hands.

Let’s see 2023 Millionaire Expressos List Winners By:

January 2023: Sravache (Expresso Nitro, £25) January 2023: Leh33 (Expresso Nitro , £10 ) January 2023: Floptime (Expresso, £50) January 2023: LouchebemAsb (Expresso Nitro, £100) January 2023: nireple___ (Expresso Nitro, £25) January 2023: nireple___ (Expresso Nitro, £25).February 2023: Drixmanix (Expresso Nitro, €50). March 2023: Nano410 (espresso, €100). March 2023: CRbibou187 (Expresso Nitro, €10). March 2023: BrointheBiz (Expresso Nitro, €100). April 2023: Klenjiz3940 (espresso, €5). May 2023: LeBleuduCiel (Expresso, €10).

How soon will the new Expresso Millionaire be available at Winamax?

Responsible play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

LeBleuduCiel is the romantic nickname of the winne...

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