Bruno Volkmann Parks at GGMillion$ HU and Wins Over $182,000

Bruno Volkmann Parks at GGMillion$ HU and Wins Ove...

The leading online high roller has reached GGMillion$. The name and visual identity have changed, but the 9tales star’s enviable track record remains. In the race for his third title, Bruno Volkmann took the lead in a heads-up match with Danilo Velasevic. The Santa Catarina native’s bravado eventually cost him as he took home the silver medal. The Serb won $235,088, while Volkmann won $182,633.

Volkmann advances to the FT with the biggest stack, but Velasevic is close behind with almost the same stack. Pablo Brito is last with 7 BBS. On hand six, Sebastian Gaehl made an open all-in with 14 BBS and was followed up with K ♦K♠ for a massive “spaise411” payout. The Austrian dominated with Q♥J♣ and could not be saved by a marginal 3♠Q♠9♥9♦10.

“spaise411” also sent Pablo home. On a 4♥9♠10♣ flop, he shoved Bahian all-in and got called. With A♥J♣ against J♥5♦, the Russian took the lead on Turn 3 and River 2♣.

Velasevic was already in the lead and took all the chips away from Joakim Andersson. In another all-in preflop, he AChecked against the Swede’s A♠J♦. 8♠3Check6♠9CheckK♠ hit no one and Velasevic stole the pot.

Shortly thereafter, “spaise411” was also eliminated from the title fight. As a farewell, he made an open all-in with 9 BBS and had Volkmann call with K♠K♣. The Russian dominated with 10♥10♣ and had no chance on the 9♥5♣K♥5♦4♣ board.

GGMillion$ champion Pieter Aertst got A♠A♣ two weeks ago when he bet from Selouan on board 7♣K♥8◆2♣3♣. Paranaense then went two pair with 7♠2♥ to end the Belgian’s entry.

Selouan had little time to celebrate. At the same level, he played K 8 and min-raised to 80,000. To his left, Velasevic responded with a 3-bet for 240,000. Selouan pushed another 1,799,052 into the middle of the table. Velasevic didn’t think much of it and called with A♥K♠. The 5♥J♠J♣9♣10♥ board confirmed the defeat of Curitiba’s ace.

Duco Haven was far from his opponent and fought his way until losing in a three-handed match. After the opening, he tried to bluff with 9 ♦ 8 ♥ with 7♣5♥J 2 ♦4♦ and was met by Velasevic’s J♥2♣.

With 2-1 down, Volkmann managed to turn things around, but that was Velasevic’s day. Take a look at the final hand:

With the blinds at 35,000/70,000 and an 8,500 ante, Velasevic moved all-in perfectly and then called Volkmann’s raise to 315,000. The flop came 3♥5\7♥ and Volkmann bet 213,510. As soon as Velasevic called, it became 3♣ on the river. Volkman then bet 708,854. Velasevic called again to see the 9 on the river. Volkmann showed 2,447,300 and called it all-in. Velasevic thought for less than a minute before calling with 9♠7♣. Volkmann was eliminated with Q 10♥.

With 98 entrants and $10,300 in prize money, GGMillion$ fell short of its $1,000,000 guarantee. Here’s how much each finalist deposited:

1. Danilo Velasevic (Serbia) $235,088

2. Bruno Volkmann (Brazil) $182,633

3. Duco Haven (Netherlands) $141,882

4. Rodrigo Selouan (Brazil) $110,224

5. Pieter Aerts (Belgium) $85,629

6. “spaise411” (Russia) $66,523

7. Joakim Andersson (Sweden) $51,679

8. Pablo Brito (Brazil) $40,148

9. Sebastian Gaehl (Austria) $31,190

Bruno Volkmann Parks at GGMillion$ HU and Wins Ove...

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