Check out this $600,000 cooler at Hustler Casino Live!

During a recent Cash Game Hustler Casino Live broadcast, there was a cooler that no one likes unless you’re the winner.

A few days before it aired, there was an eye-catching $611,000 pot on the million buy-in history show.

The protagonist of this moment is Mariano Grandoli , a poker blogger from an Argentinian family, but naturalized in the US with Andy “Stacks“Straight Flush, a legend at the high-stakes tables in Los Angeles.

At a $100/$200 table with a $200 ante, Mariano opened under pressure to $500 with a $500 ante. K 10. Another regular, Charles, raises to 8 on the button 7. Andy in the big blind calls with A 4

Flop: 9 J Q

Must be, Mariano Start calling with some strategy in mind to extract the most money from your opponent, however, the first round of betting ends with an all-in.

In the third round, Andy checked again to set the trap, but then Mariano, who bet $8,000, killed him.

Of course, Charles took the lead with 8-over-par and then raised to $35,000 when the pre-flop attacker acted again. Mariano called with a straight flush and the river brought a fourth 6 of diamonds. Andy bet $120,000 before his opponent pushed all-in for $257,000.

With no pairs on the table, Andy was able to beat his A-Diamond opponent without folding, so he called, then got the bad news, he just lost a flush draw $611,300 pot for the hand.

This is the hand in the video so you can see the facial expressions of both players

🤯 STRAIGHT FLUSH OVER NUT FLUSH 🤯 @andystackspoker Flop A – High Flush – Mariano Flop Straight Flush 🎇 Image from @HCLPokerShow.

— PokerNews (@PokerNews) May 13, 2023

Brutal ruthlessness is only half of Andy’s bad luck in this tournament at Hustler. During the six-hour broadcast, he lost $599,700. Mariano ended the episode with a $332,900 profit.

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