Felipe Theodoro is the $109 winner of Sunday’s PKO Millions

Felipe Theodoro is the $109 winner of Sunday’s PKO...

Three-time SCOOP champion and grinder Felipe Theodoro is now one of the Brazilians to break into the Sunday Million. Tonight, the account pilot “felipe52” overcame a big deficit in the finals and won the championship. The man from Santa Catarina won a total of $80,810.

The Financial Times got off to a rocky start for the country. In the first hand, Alisson Piekazewicz went all-in for 17,865,498, leaving just 2,500,000 in chips. After the button folded, little “SPEWTARD” pushed his stack of 79,310,324 to the middle of the table. Big name “Chhawes” then called with 49,976,952. Alisson thought for a moment before calling with A♣7. While “SPEWTARD” has A♠K♥, “chhawes” has A♦A♥. A lead of 9♣7♥10♣5♥3♥ confirmed the victory for “chhawes” who took the lead. Alisson, meanwhile, stayed put and won $5,922.

After a few moves, Felipe won the first prize of the tournament with the help of the deck. He called “ego333” for the open shot with A♣2♠. With A♠Q♠, the Lithuanian was eliminated from the championship match after a miserable defeat on a 10♣2Check7♠2♥10Check board.

The next player to be eliminated is “SPEWTARD”. With the goal of winning a second championship, the Peruvians once again met the “Chavez” team A-A. Dominated by K♣5♣, he got more outs on the flop of 8♣7♣4 and the turn of 5, but the J♥ river put him in trouble.

Walther099 had no luck in A-A. his hand. In the five-handed game, he had to avoid two outs to take the lead, but Kazakh “WLADiator10” holding J♠J♥ immediately hit the river J♣ to send his opponent home.

Felipe slipped to the bottom of the 4-hand draw, needing to win the flip to advance to the Sunday Million. With 5 5 ♠ against “TopD0gas”‘s A ♦K ♣, he failed to let the 10 ♠ 8 ♠ 6 ♠ 6 ♥ 5 ♥ board surprise him and double his stack.

Felipe was so excited that he took the lead after announcing the heads-up. In a blind war, he went public and became known as “WLADiator10”. J♥J♦ versus Q♣J♣, the Brazilian survived on a 10♥9♠3♥7♥2♠ board.

Felipe, who led the entire HU, ended the debate in this way:

The blinds were 3,000,000/6,000,000, the ante was 750,000, and “chhawes” raised to 12,000,000 and connected. to call. When the flop came 3♥3♠6♣, “chhawes” bet 8,400,000 and then called Felipe’s check-raise to 24,720,000. On the K♣ turn, Felipe bet 24,730,200 and “chhawes” called. Finally, on the river 9, Felipe pushed his stack of 345,212,746 to the middle of the table. “chhawes” thought for a moment until he called with A♠K♦. Felipe won with 10♣3♣.

PokerStars exceeded the $1,000,000 guarantee for the Sunday Million with 10,749 entries, and awarded $1,074,900 in prize money.

Felipe Theodoro is the $109 winner of Sunday’s PKO...

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  • This text provides a detailed account of Felipe Theodoro’s victory in the Sunday Million poker championship, overcoming a deficit and winning a prize of $80,810. It also mentions other players involved in the tournament and the overall success of the event in terms of entries and prize money.

  • This text provides a detailed account of Felipe Theodoro’s impressive win in the Sunday Million poker tournament, overcoming a big deficit to claim the championship and a total prize of $80,810. The text also mentions the high number of entries and the prize money awarded in the tournament.

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