It’s the last day of Poker Night in the US

It's the last day of Poker Night in the US

American Poker Night held its sixth edition in Las Vegas. The famous poker franchise returns with a stunning new collection: a 10,000-square-foot mansion called “Studio 52.” Fans can enjoy the best moments from the new season on Monday the 15th on PokerNight’s official YouTube and Twitch platforms.

American Poker Night

This is where the whole process happens.

This season’s hosts are Lexy Gavyn-Mather , Lon McEachern , WSOP spokesperson for 20 years, Joey Ingram , announcing the nightly event. Nikki Limo and Caitlin Comeskey will comment.

Confirmed participants include Jason Sommerville and Robbi Jade Lew and Lily Kileto and Phil Galfond will also have a special look. As the program progresses, there are more surprises waiting for you to discover.


USA Poker Night Trailer Release

As if that wasn’t enough, US Poker Night founder Todd Anderson tweeted that the party promises goodwill. In his contribution, he showcased the items he bought to greet guests of the luxury villa for the new season. Get ready for a high-end poker experience at America’s Poker Night in Las Vegas.

With reality TV-style cameras adorning the hotel, the show promises to be unlike anything you’ve seen before

“You never know who’s going to be in Studio 52, but” you Be sure to see some familiar faces with new eyes,” Anderson promises. “We’re breaking the standards of televised poker and doing things we can’t do in a casino. We roll out the red carpet for these stars at their Las Vegas mansions to make players and fans feel right at home. “We also had an exclusive event. Party.”

It's the last day of Poker Night in the US

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