Juan Pardo clears the path to the SCOOP’s big day with a title

Juan Pardo clears the path to the SCOOP's big day...

Mr. Juan Pardo   

Many of our most illustrious card players’ inner clocks begin to tick in a unique manner around this time of year.

Mother nature, instinctively, beckons for a migration to the city of sin, a place of plenty for all species, from those who just play cash to those who require a daily tournament to feel like they’ve lived.

However, the route is long and the price is high, and you must make reservations at internet tables, a good layer of fat to endure the chilly ocean crossing. That is what the Pokerstars.com SCOOP and the GGPoker World Festival are all about.

Juan Pardo, who has a callus, has shown how it is done. Of course, he waited until the last possible moment. Malaka sent a message for 364 opponents in the most pocket-intensive $1,050 buy-in Sunday Cooldown level, a large number of them may meet paths with him in the aisles of the Horseshoe in the coming weeks(1st, $60,437).

Juan’s example is one that we hope will be followed to the letter by all others who have had the crucial moment of their tournaments pushed back.

Registration for the MAin Event High is still open, but there are already a few names to keep an eye on. Juan Pardo, Adrián Mateos, Elas Gutiérrez, and Sergi Reixach have done all possible not to disappoint their adoring fans, even paying up to three $10,000 entry, but they will be there, ready to compete on Day 3.

Nacho Morón has less pull but the same amount of cards as the others, while Soraya Estrada “railerita” is not happy to keep up with them, but instead leads the whole group with the 25th stack of the 170 players who have so far survived the tournament.

We’ll have to wait and see who passes the filter at the Mid and Low levels, where there are still hundreds of tables available and hours to sign up.

We must be watching the PLO Main Event, which is building a historic moment in online poker with a distinct nationalistic flavor. Lautaro Guerra and Ka Kwan Lau, who agreed on the heads-up last year, are two tables away from doing it again a year later. With these two, we’re running out of adjectives.

Juan Pardo clears the path to the SCOOP's big day...

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