KSOP: Caiaffa keeps ITM warm during HR PLO5 FT

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Rafael Caiaffa Secures ITM i...

It is well known that every poker player likes to take advantage of almost every tournament opportunity available. But sometimes, the decision to play everything available on the grid creates scheduling conflicts. Such a thing happened today at KSOP GGPoker Premium, but it also created a strange and lucky situation for the characters involved.

Gabriel O Pensador and Markitos Grassi fell victim to vacancies after the warm-up ITM bubble burst. But there are enough chips to warrant ITM getting my attention in a tournament. The absent player was one of the winners, even though he barely played and many didn’t know who he was.

A plot twist? At the TV tables in the main event hall, the HR PLO5 final table was also held by star player Rafael Caiaffa. Caiaffa managed to hold onto his chips in the multi-table event and secured another cash in his bankroll between events.

Even though he had to focus on beating some big names, vying for a name in the prized five-card decider, who paid R$110,000 for the champion, Caiaffa found room and time to survive during the warm-up period when Upon discovering his absence, many joked about the strength of his account and how much fun he was having in the game.

This warm-up story is still better than Caiaffa’s first entry. When his entry ended, he was still ranked 104th. He earned R$1,700 in warm-up matches but is still chasing the HR PLO5 title.

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Rafael Caiaffa Secures ITM i...

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