LeBleuduCiel is the romantic nickname of the winners of the 11th Winamax Millionaire Expressos for 2023.

LeBleuduCiel is the romantic nickname of the winne...

May found a new Expresso millionaire Winamax, has the 11th grand prize of the year.

The capricious gold mark is repeated in the classic Expresso mode, although the price of the game has been reduced, up to 10 euros. The lucky players sitting at the table were LeBleuduCiel, Paddy62580 and Calihuman.

LeBleuduCiel and Paddy62580 They came to prepare for the match, and as replays show, they turned it into a one-on-one match, ending with Paddy62580 (3rd place, €80,000) quickly quit. calishuman (No. 2, €120,000) tried to play a tighter range, and with the little bit his deck gave him, he won a few blinds to compensate for his walk KT before paying off the One Push . LeBleuduCiel (1st place, €800,000) three bets to finish with 20 hands.

Let’s see 2023 Millionaire Expressos List Winners By:

January 2023: Sravache (Expresso Nitro, £25) January 2023: Leh33 (Expresso Nitro , £10 ) January 2023: Floptime (Expresso, £50) January 2023: LouchebemAsb (Expresso Nitro, £100) January 2023: nireple___ (Expresso Nitro, £25) January 2023: nireple___ (Expresso Nitro, £25).February 2023: Drixmanix (Expresso Nitro, €50). March 2023: Nano410 (espresso, €100). March 2023: CRbibou187 (Expresso Nitro, €10). March 2023: BrointheBiz (Expresso Nitro, €100). April 2023: Klenjiz3940 (espresso, €5). May 2023: LeBleuduCiel (Expresso, €10).

How soon will the new Expresso Millionaire be available at Winamax?

Responsible play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

LeBleuduCiel is the romantic nickname of the winne...

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  • This text provides information about a recent win in the Expresso mode at Winamax, where the players LeBleuduCiel, Paddy62580, and Calihuman were involved. It also lists previous winners in the Expresso games. The text does not provide information on when the new Expresso Millionaire will be available at Winamax.

  • In this text, it is mentioned that a new Expresso millionaire was found at Winamax and that the game has a reduced price of up to 10 euros. LeBleuduCiel won first place with a prize of €800,000. The text also includes a list of previous winners and ends with a reminder about responsible gambling and age restrictions.

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