Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim to leave Spanish brand at PokerStars Winter Series

Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim to leave Spanish brand at...

The Winter Series was the focus of PokerStars yesterday. 9 events took place throughout the day, with prizes worth €366,000 awarded. 2 out of 9 matches winned by Spain End, thanks to Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim. Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim win in Spain at Winter Series Spanish Winter Series overall ranking lead

After 101 games, SpainAuthority leads the National Ranking:

  • 1. Spain: 29 wins.
  • 2. France: 19.
  • 3. Brazil and Portugal: 14.
  • 5. Ukraine: 9.
  • 6. Belarus: 8.
  • 7. Argentina, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam: 1.

Spanish daily winners in multi-table tournaments

La Roja has a total of 17 wins in MTTs. These are the Spanish winners:

Spaniards win 6 double, Balance Sheet in HU It is a negative number for our team: 11 First place vs 15Second place.Results of the Winter Series

  1. Luks4thewin (WS-93: 20€ Mini Avalanche PKO 6-a-side. Prize money: 7,237.60€. Number of participants: 3,843. Prize pool: 69,174€. Country: Spain).
  2. bloDRUgs (WS-94. Price: $9,694.75. Entry: 650. Prize Pool: €58,500. Country: Brazil).
  3. Gyokeres9 (WS-95. Price: 4,991, $73. Entry: 676. Prize Pool: $30,420. Country: Brazil).
  4. ColonelCat (WS-96. Prize money: £10,535.74. Number of entries: 236. Number of entries: 236. Prize pool: €54,870. Country: Belarus).
  5. Ne_Mens_Pas (WS-97. Price: £3,775.32. Number of entries: 1,438. Prize pool: £25,884. Country: France).
  6. Rapaz Bonito 85 (WS-98. Price: $7,595.40. Number of Entries: 587. Prize Pool: $52,830. Country: Mexico).
  7. ZalaKaim (WS-99: £10 Royal Rumble PKO 7-Max Turbo. Prize pool: €2,653.96. Entries: 3,233. Prize money: €29,097. Country: Spain).
  8. hitekisback (WS-100. Prize: $3,472.21. Prize: £3,472. Number of Entrants: 757. Prize: £20,439. Country: Belarus).
  9. Venum2017 (WS-101. Prize money: €2,981.26. Number of participants: 1,384. Prize pool: €24,912. Country: France).

Luks4thewin and ZalaKaim to leave Spanish brand at...

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  • This text provides a summary of the Winter Series poker event on PokerStars, highlighting the winners from Spain, Brazil, France, and Belarus. It also includes information on the overall rankings and the number of wins by each country.

  • Daniella.ebert

    It appears that Spain had a strong showing in the Winter Series poker events, with several Spanish players winning top prizes. Overall, Spain leads the National Ranking with 29 wins.

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