Michael Hou directs LAPT Panama operations

Michael Hou directs LAPT Panama operations

At the Sheraton Crown Casino, Panama there is always something exciting. That’s because the LAPT Panama Main Event has only 26 finalists remaining and the best way to end the day is Michael Hou.

Gabriel Schroeder continues unabated.

The local had a good day and finished the second day with 1,642,000 points which took him to the top of the tournament at a time when successes were rewarded but failures were severely punished. The Panamanian surfed particularly well at the final level, so he will start Monday as the race leader.

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Gabriel Schroeder also holds the top spot in the Main Event. The 2023 WSOP Event #68 bracelet holder has all the tools to continue building a solid stack. He started the day as the overall winner and continued to do so until the end of the stage with 1,458,000 points.

Rafael Henriquez and Christian Hospina also went well. In fact, it was the Panamanian who burst the bubble by leaving José Andres empty-handed, pitting his aces against the local’s post-flop set.

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Among the $3,400 awarded are LAPT Montevideo finalists Diego Aro and Juan Barattini and Mamoun El- Hinnawi, Adrian Troya, Francisco Corvarán and the good old man Ho Cy Severino will start in the lower zone, but his hopes are intact.

LAPT Panama Team Counts Michael Hou – 1,642,000 Gabriel Schroeder – 1,458,000 Rafael Henriquez – 1,421,000 Christian Hospina – 1,327,000 Mamoun El-Hinnawi – 1,171,000 Anthony Diotte – 1,164,000 Fabian Nicolas Andres 83,000 Velosa Acosta – 779,000 Roh Drigo Zuvi – 762,000 Diego Arro – 608,000 Ricardo Rodriguez Moreno – 561,000 Juan Baratini – 474,000 Felipe Roldan – 474,000 Tye Braces – 439,000 Danilo Jimenez Cubillo – 422,000 Rodrigo Caraviello – 412.00.00 0 Adrian Troya Santos – 400,000 Luis Carlos Morales Vi Lamontes – 375.00 0 Francisco Javier Corvalan Armas – 339,000 Leandro Rui – 334,000 Anton Theodoor Clemens Markus Meekma – 328,000 Enrique Selaya Vera – 294,000 Jair Coelho – 288,000 Jose Raul Severino Cardoze – 265,000 Giancarlo Oliviero – 248,000 Tony Nicola – 199 .000

The road to Day 3 starts at level 20 with lights at 8,0 00/16,000 with a big blind stake of 16,000, 8 levels will be played, Each level is 1 hour, or until the 8 finalists for the competition are selected. Everything can be followed on our live blog or via Live, available in half a second You can see the hour delay on the card.

Michael Hou directs LAPT Panama operations


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    This text provides information about the remaining finalists and their chip counts at the LAPT Panama Main Event. It also mentions Gabriel Schroeder as the overall winner and highlights some notable players’ performances. The text concludes by stating the details of the upcoming Day 3 and how to follow the event.

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