‘PartOfTheGame’ Joins Bounty Hunters Summer HR for WSOP Circuit

'PartOfTheGame' Joins Bounty Hunters Summer HR for...

As of Tuesday the 18th, the country’s grinders are hard at work with an online MTT. “PartOfTheGame” took home the $525 Bounty Hunter Summer HR event at the WSOP Summer Circuit. He earned $38,203 by beating 475 opponents.

Daniel “croce 61” Croce took the podium in the $1,050 PLO Bounty Main Event HR for $17,532. The tournament had 47 participants.

Daniel “runador888” Aziz added $10,261 to his bankroll by finishing third out of 940 entrants in the $150 Tuesday Classic.

There are also recommendations on the Sander Totuli website. He won the gold medal and $8,543 in prize money in the $55 fifty-stack event.

Gabriel “babybabybaby” Constantino beat 698 opponents in the $88 Wild Eight for $8,331. See other results:

TournamentPlayerPositionPrizeWSOPC High Roller: $1,500 Midnight Madness HR [Hyper] “Dihh21″ 3rd $7,344 WSOPC Series: $32.10 Bounty King Summer Jr”shaarkkiraa” 1st $6,442 WSOPC Series: $250 Summer Classic Emmanuel Maloof 4. $5,941 WSOPC Series: $215 Bounty Hunter Block Party” 12345123456 “3 Heater Bounty Turbo “Akariee” 3rd$5,388

'PartOfTheGame' Joins Bounty Hunters Summer HR for...

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