Ricardo Sehnem

Ricardo Sehnem Helps Set Up Brazil's 1 Million BRL...

Multi TV Cast #38 is another version of MundoTV Trash, essentially a lighter recap of some related topics in the community. Ricardo Sehnem is the perfect name in the admissions round of the KSOP GGPoker Special and has proven in practice that he is very good at reviewing.

The nearly hour-long chat was very engaging, where questions naturally arose. With the Hustler Casino in the US already having a successful $1M cash game, we are proposing to host such a table with our Brazilian guests and offer a $1M buy-in lineup for everyone.

Me, Sehnem and Diego Costa, Voice of Conscience, has selected nine players for this millionaires and media table. The end result was full of laughter and good stories, with each name chosen: Léo Rizzo, Léo Bello, Gabriel Goffi, Elvis Renan “Catholao”, Neymar, Gustavo Kuerten, Igor Marani, Laura Cintra and Rebecca Rebuitti. The dealer is Mano Brown (not the rapper, the dealer). How can I write a more random form?

Ricardo Sehnem’s experiences in the CS:GO Major and Casa Furia, his childhood friendship with the legendary Zilkar van Baranow and many other interesting topics are discussed in this interesting chapter.

Ricardo Sehnem Helps Set Up Brazil's 1 Million BRL...

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