Rob Yong: Predicting Online Poker and Cryptocurrency Markets

Rob Yong on Jeff Gross’s Podcast: Cryptocurrency a...

Long-lost Englishman Rob Young makes a public appearance. This time he’s a guest on the Jeff Gross Podcast, where he talks about online poker, cryptocurrency development, and his global plans. In this article, we’ve compiled Rob’s key thoughts.

About Bitcoin.

Dusk Kill Dawn Casino only accepts legal tender. Offline cryptocurrencies are still widely used, especially among high rollers. But no matter where you play, whether in a live casino or online, it gives you more opportunities due to its globalization and speed.

The direction of the national authorities is now crucial – legalize the cryptocurrency market and transform it into a civilized form or ban it entirely.

My Bitcoin price prediction: $61,422 on January 1, 2023 (Jeff Gross is hosting a prediction contest as a guest on his podcast). There is a good chance that it will fall again by then, but at the turn of 2023/2024 it is likely that there will be a new increase and that interest rates will reach new levels. BTC’s deficit and appeal are growing.

Larger fluctuations are largely caused by human factors: people buying and selling cryptocurrencies based on some promotional news. Conversely, those who believe in the future of blockchain will buy more when the value of the currency falls.

Competition among Poker Rooms

Modern online poker is going through interesting times. In my opinion, GGNetwork shows that their current results are largely due to a policy of being more loyal to unregulated markets. PokerStars and Party Poker are part of a publicly traded company and therefore cannot compete on equal terms with the network. Especially during the epidemic, many players are forced to play online.

A lot depends on the prospect of poker being legalized in the United States, and I think Stars and other GGPoker competitors are more likely to focus on the U.S. market will return.

In my opinion, one of the crypto rums backed by Stabelcoins that won’t scare away poker fans with its volatility should continue to “shine” in the coming years.

(Rob is probably referring to Coin Poker, which is currently getting a lot of hype due to the very expensive game Tony G and his friends play).

The Special Role of Social Poker

As the pandemic ends, I think we will see a new boom in live poker, including in new countries like Japan.

Online poker and social media poker will also undergo huge changes, and WPT, for example, will play an important role in this.

The huge gap between amateurs and professionals has become evident in today’s poker rooms (especially due to software), making such sites unnecessarily detrimental to amateurs.

Speaking of subscriptions, casual poker players like him will get into it, and there’s a chance to win a variety of prizes, including tickets to live tournaments. It makes me wonder why Zynga Poker still hasn’t taken advantage of this opportunity and partnered with offline brands.

United World Series of Poker.

I have always been fascinated by ideas that unite the poker community. One variation could be a biennial global mixed championship.

The first day will be played in as many online and offline venues as possible, and at the end of the day, all players except for chips will receive a package for accommodation and transportation costs for the next stage. The second day has turned into a huge gathering of players from all over the world at major venues and I think even a few selected stadiums.

I hope to promote this project around the world in some way. Unfortunately, all of today’s poker brands are primarily corporate organizations, accustomed to competing against each other and paying little attention to the state of the industry as a whole.

Rob Yong on Jeff Gross’s Podcast: Cryptocurrency a...

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  • This text offers insights into the world of online poker, cryptocurrency development, and global plans from Englishman Rob Young. He discusses the impact of cryptocurrency legalization on the market, predicts Bitcoin’s price, and shares thoughts on the future of online poker and social poker post-pandemic.

  • The text provides insights from Rob Young on topics such as cryptocurrencies, online poker, and the future of the industry. He discusses the potential of Bitcoin, the impact of regulations on the market, and the evolving landscape of online and live poker. Young also proposes a global mixed championship event to unite the global poker community.

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