Torres and Salazar: Two Colombians in Cambodia

What are two Colombians doing in Cambodia? Famous for its involvement in the Vietnam War in the 1970s, this Southeast Asian country is no longer bad news and actually attracts tourists with its tourism offerings… and poker! APPT with Mauricio Salazar and Jimmy Torres Find chips in this remote part of the world.

The PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) enters the peninsular kingdom for the first time and hopes to stay there of registrants exceeded the $400,000 bond. The campaign, which made its second and third inaugural flights this Saturday, attracted 495 entries worth $1,500 each. NagaWorld, the integrated five-star resort in the heart of the capital Phnom Penh, is still accepting applications.

A total of 176 people signed up for Day 1A. Among them, 41 people including Torres completed 13 checkpoints and won the 13th place with 143,500 chips. , he has 399,000. Runner-up Bien Mai (394,000) came into play after winning Turbo Freezeout the previous day.

Poker rooms in Cambodia.

Already on Day 1B (parallel to Turbo 1C), another Colombian caused cheers at the end of Section 11 of 13 this Saturday when he was at 1,000-1,500-1,500 Lost the last 40 laps in blind kilometers. Salazar Able to participate in the only re-entry allowed per flight, register 1C or retry the next period on Sunday and Monday , or has joined the $5,000 High Roller Yes, if he decides to play in Manila, Philippines from July 27 to August 6. Earn spades or at least reach the second final table of this 15-season Asian Tour event. He will do so starting the next day at 13:00 local time (2 ).

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  • This text appears to be discussing the participation of two Colombian individuals, Mauricio Salazar and Jimmy Torres, in a poker tournament in Cambodia. The text mentions the growing tourism industry in Cambodia and the popularity of poker in the country.

  • This text highlights the presence of two Colombians participating in a poker tournament in Cambodia, showcasing their skills and achievements in the game. It also emphasizes the growing popularity of Cambodia as a tourist destination and its emerging poker scene.

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